The ImproRisk tool

The ImproRisk tool is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, that was developed on behalf of the State General Laboratory of Cyprus. Background information is available at the ImproRisk website. To obtain a copy of the spreadsheet tool, one has to make a request to the State General Laboratory. The tool performs intake calculations, and shows some statistical figures such as cumulative frequency curves and quartiles, and a probability distribution.


The spreadsheet contains food consumption data to calculate intake levels for 300 indvidual consumers of both sexes in a range of 10 to 75 years. The website does not provide any information in which period and in what region the underlying consumption survey was performed. It should be noted here, that the commodities are identified using the EFSA FOODEX system.

ImproRisk online

The spreadsheet is to be controlled by macros, which are nowadays being considered unsafe and therefore mostly locked. And, it was noticed that the file (ImproRisk 1.3.4.xlsx) can not be read by open source spreadsheets, such as Open Office Calc, and also not by older versions of Microsoft Excel. So, one is required to have access to the appropriate Excel version with the macros enabled. To overcome that obstacle, it was decided to extract the data referring to the food commodities and consumption rate, and data from the consumers from the spreadsheet, and to include them in a database. That database was then combined with the XI tool, to copy its interface, for performing intake calculations of 300 individual (Cypriot?) consumers in a similar way as consumption of individual Dutch consumers with the XI tool in this portal. It should be noted that the output of this online system shows basic statistics on percentiles and the intake of the individual consumers (as in XI), but that the cumulative frequency curves and quartiles, and a probability distribution are lacking. Please comment on this to the the author if you would like to see such type of results to be included.

Your own consumption data tool

For people who are in the possession of their own (national or regional) datasets of consumers and consumption data, their data could also be copied and included in the XI interface (as demonstrated by this implementation of ImproRisk). If you are interested, then you are advised to contact the author of this website.


To start Improrisk, you have to select its icon. For Help you are adviced to go to the Help page of XI, and/or use the ? buttons.