This webside is build and maintained by Mr. Rob Theelen.

He is a foodsafety expert from The Netherlands with a Ph.D. on Toxicology, with knowledge of the EU food safety legislation and of the Codex Alimentarius, and experience on chemical risk assessment in relation to food and feed safety.

He worked for various parties in the food safety area, as a toxicological scientist, and as policy officer for the Ministry of Agriculture, and as risk assessor for the Ministries of Public Health and of Agriculture, and for the Netherlands official control authority.

In the period of 2002 to 2017, he was also the technical assistant of the Chair of the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods (CCCF).


Based on that expertise, he is active as a training coordinator and tutor in various international programs on food safety, such as the BTSF and the TAIEX program of the EU, but also in various national programs such as twinning projects of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.

If you are interested in joining such trainings you can contact him or your national Contact Points for further details. Besides he can be contacted if you are interested in a custom-made training that is focused on your interests, e.g. how to participate successfully in Codex Committee Meetings, or on how to chair an electronic working group to develop a draft Codex standard.

Besides you can contact him, if you have some suggestions for additional topics for this portal, and for errors and necessary updates of the content in this portal.

Contact Mr. Rob Theelen Ph.D.