Information online: related content and training programs

Food safety risk assessment for novices covers a series of topics on risk assessment, including exposure assessment, toxicity, epidemiology, and risk communication.

The site Overview on current food laws and its development is maintained by Dr David Dukes, on behalf of the University of Reading. It provides easy access to current food laws and its development. The focus is on the UK and the EU, with links to Codex and the WTO.

The University module on Food Law at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) examines the ways in which the food law can be used to address legal questions. The focus is on European Union rules. Its Lecturer is Dr. Caoimhin MacMaolain.

To become familiar with food safety evaluation, the Netherland's Postgraduate Education in Toxicology program provides yearly courses at the Division of Toxicology at the Wageningen University. The course's duration is 1 week, and is recognised by EUROTOX.

The BTSF is a EU Commission initiative on food and feed safety. Its activities include trainings, e.g. on official control. These are open for people of all EU Member States and certain non-EU countries (e.g. Candidate Countries, EFTA,..). To join this program, contact your national Contact Point.