Selection of chemicals for exposure assessment

The procedure for the selection of a chemical compound in EAST and similar tools was updated using the approach described in "How to select HBGVs or BMDLs in exposure assessment" with guidelines for such a selection. To implement these guidelines into the procedure of selection of chemicals it was needed to add an additional step of selection of the chemical in the procedure; now the procedure reads the (partial) name of your input; then it will show a list with chemicals to cover your input. The input might now include synonyms; e.g. input of DON will result in the possibility to select the chemical "Deoxynivalenol". Likewise on can use ZEA, OTA and 3-MCPD as input. After selection of the chemical you will see reference values with one selected according to the guidelines. Of course you are free to select here another reference value according to your own considerations.

Additional scenarios in EAST

Both EAST and EAST 2 provide a means to include your own exposure scenario, next to the EU exposure scenarios. Because of the program structure of EAST 2 this module could lead to issues with the selection of the commodity. For that reason it was decided to rewrite the procedue in EAST 2 for the selection of a commodity; now you can select from a list and search the database, or give the name of a commodity that is not in the database. More details are provided in updated sections under the topic of How to use EAST.

The HOME button

A change was made to the home button.   Home As the different calculations tools use large parts of internal memory, it was possible that previous activities in the portal "contaminate" the memory, which might lead to errors in the programs (although very rare). It was decided to develop an additonal procedure to remove all previously stored internal data. That procedure is now called when using the home button. It is therefore strongly advised to use the home button inbetween different calculations.