Directive (EC) 32/2002
Annex Maximum levels of undesirable substances in animal feed

Authorised feed additives in non-target feed following unavoidable carry-over 2. Diclazuril

Reference Products intended for animal feed mg/kg Note
M16Feed materials0.01
M16Compound feed for laying birds and chickens reared for laying (> 16 weeks),0.01
M16Compound feed for rabbits for fattening and breeding for the period before slaughter in which the use of diclazuril is prohibited (withdrawal feed),0.01
M16Compound feed for other animal species other than chickens reared for laying (< 16 weeks), chickens for fattening, guinea fowl and turkeys for fattening.0.03
M16Premixtures for use in feed in which the use of diclazuril is not authorised.-The maximum level of the substance in the premixture is the concentration which shall not result in a level of the substance higher than 50 % of the maximum levels established in the feed when the instructions for use of the premixture are followed.