**NEW** CoFo


CoFo is an implementation of the Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database, as published by EFSA . This database shows summarized data on consumption for various EU countries, as collected from 1997 to 2019 (situation 2022), in different surveys of EU member states. The data are collected for various types of consumers (age, status), and describe the number of consumers that participated in the survey, the average consumption and its standard deviation, and median, 95, 97.5, and 99 percentiles.

Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database

EFSAs website shows its collection of values, using a presentation tool (MicroStrategy). Its implementation is divided in 7 different Foodex levels, and makes it possible to select specific parameters (e.g. country, consumer, commodity). It needs however a good insight in the structure of the consumption database to find the answers on a question on consumption of a commodity (e.g. what is the consumption of wild boar in Italy?). To provide a more useful interface it was decided to copy the data sets of the Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database into this Food Safety Portal, and to alter the structure of selections.

For CoFo the data were copied from the EFSA website. The datasets were then transferred into a database of the portal, with changes in the data structure. The data itself did not change. Sets of data can be selected with CoFo, e.g. the user can select one or more countries, surveys, and consumers, for all Foodex levels at the same time. CoFo will show the consumption data for your selection, with the possibility to download the results, e.g. for import in a spreadsheet, and the possibility to save the results in a pdf file.

CoFO icon

CoFo can be pronounced as KhuFu. King KhuFu was the pharaoh that build the great pyramid of Giza. So it was decided to select an icon of a pyramid for the CoFo tool.


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The future of CoFo

The CoFo database will be expanded with new surveys at the moment these are being published at the EFSA website, assuming that they can be copied at that moment.

EFSAs Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database is available for both chronic intake and acute intake. CoFo refers at this moment to the chronic intake only, as these data are best suited for exposure assessments of chemical compounds, e.g. with regard to RASFF notifications. Acute intake can best be used for the evaluation of an incident with commodities with high concentrations, e.g. with pesticides. So it is foreseen that the CoFo database shall be expanded in the near future, adding the data in the EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database on acute food consumption.

Another possibility for CoFo is the use of its consumption data for the exposure assessment of chemicals. The EFSA consumption data will replace the data from the PRIMo spreadsheet in time, in EAST and EAST 2. Doing so, such a version of EAST will ultimely provide a series of percentiles for the exposure to chemical compounds from food. In this way it will become possible to estimate the percentage of the population, c.q. of consumers, that exceeds a HBGV, without performing Monte Carlo calculations.