CoFo is an implementation of the Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database, as published by EFSA . This database shows summarized data on consumption for various EU countries, as collected from 1997 to 2019 (situation 2022), in different surveys of EU member states. The data are collected for various types of consumers (age, status), and describe the number of consumers that participated in the survey, the average consumption and its standard deviation, and median (i.e. 50 percentile), 95, 97.5, and 99 percentiles.

Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database

EFSAs website shows the collection of values, using the presentation tool MicroStrategy. The data are presented for 7 different Foodex levels; one of these levels is to be selected. The results can then be filtered with various parameters such as country, consumer, and commodity. These filters are not very intuitive with regard to the way one would like to select a subset of data, so it was decided to copy the data sets of the Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database into this Food Safety Portal, but to adapt the way of filtering. The online version will show the results of all consumers and consumers only, and per kg bodyweight in combination to each other, whereas the EFSA website does show the results in separate tables.

Use of CoFo

CoFo can be used as an autonomous tool, as the EFSAs Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database; here one can search for the consumption of various food commodities in different EU Member States. The database will then show the consumption quantities for different consumers, and some statistics. To us these data one can download a csv file for import in spreadsheets and statistical software.

Food consumption data play a significant role in the exposure assessment of consumers to chemical compounds through food. It can be understood that the EFSA comprehensive food consumption data base in combination with input of concentrations of chemical compounds in food can be used for exposure assessment, as already is done with the EAST tools in this foodsafety portal. So, CoFo was combined with the EAST 2 to provide you with a new tool (EAST 3) for exposure assessment.

CoFO icon

CoFo can be pronounced as KhuFu. King KhuFu was the pharaoh that build the great pyramid of Giza. So it was decided to select an icon of a pyramid for the CoFo tool.


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